Joanie Rollmoan (affectionately referred to as Romo) is a founding member of the Arch Rival Roller Girls. As a teenager, she was a rink rat. As a college student, she played guitar and helped build a network of bands in the Midwest. At age 31, roller derby started up in St. Louis. In the 5 years since she has held a variety of positions within the league as well as coached newbies, working tirelessly to ensure skaters feel a sense of empowerment and community.

She also found that skaters often asked for advice about the best gear to stay safe and what would actually help them improve vs. what is just stuff someone is trying to sell them without knowing anything them or about derby. And while there were a couple derby-owned shops she would recommend, none were in the Midwest, where derby was about to explode in a big way.

In 2009 she and her life wife Lipstick Lezgo took the plunge and made it legal...an LLC (Missouri ain't California, folks), and called it Rockstar Skates. A way for Romo to talk about derby 24 hrs a day, and with new leagues in nearby St. Chux, Peoria, Champaign, Cape Girardeau, and the new men's league, the GateKeepers, there were lots of folks to talk to.

On June 4, 2010 (Romo's 36th bday), Rockstar Skates' brick and mortar derby skate shop opened in St. Louis at 5400 Magnolia on "The Hill". You can find her there Mon-Fri 12-6 (when she leaves to go to derby practice). If you want to buy skates from a derby skater, or just talk about derby in general, come on by. She is still skating with ARRG and has no plans to retire.

When 'Stick isn't working her butt off as ARRG Bout Production Chair, she tries to keep Romo focused, and assists the shop mascot Britney Stares with her Facebook page (your fingers don'r move much when you're a 6 foot tall mannequin).

The Siege is Romo's best friend of 13 years, also a 5-year veteran skater with ARRG, and Head of Mounting and Beer Manager for Rockstar Skates.

You can shop online after practice or during the day at your job at www.rockstarskates.com.

Dear Skaters,
We started Rockstar Skates because we love derby. So much that I could not stand being away from it for 8 hours a day to make a living doing anything else. It is not just our latest business venture. We work in our shop and you can find us there whenever we are not skating, sleeping, or traveling for derby. We operate by the same DIY ethic that most derby leagues operate. We have more titles than we could possibly list (accountant, web designer, marketing manager, painter, handywoman...). We want to provide the gear you need, honest and knowledgeable advice, and are committed to both our local and derby communities.

We feel the fun and empowering experience of roller derby should be accessible to as many people as possible. There are cool people who want to play roller derby everywhere. You do not have to live in a big city, or be a certain age or size to play roller derby. Everyone has an inner rockstar!

At the same time, we agree that supporting the evolution of competitive roller derby is exciting and essential for flat track derby's continued growth and success. With years of experience competing with and against some of the top skaters in WFTDA, we can help those skaters gain a competitive edge as well.

We are not Best Buy or Amazon.com. We are owners of a small business and sometimes skip desert in order to pay the rent. We don't have a huge staff or a huge warehouse. We cannot undercut the competition just to get you in our store.  We can charge you a reasonable price, that should be comparable to other shops.

We want to meet you! Come visit us! Our shop is a place to touch, feel and smell derby gear. No tasting without permission.

Love, Romo


Amy Whited is a rockstar and rollergirl. Better known in skating circles as Joanie Rollmoan, referred to by many who know and love her as "Romo," she is a skater and founding member of the Arch Rival Roller Girls in St. Louis, Missouri. She has coached new skaters for 3 years, served 2 terms on the league Board of Directors, 1 year as Publicity Chair, 2 as USARS rep and 3 as WFTDA rep. She also recently collaborated with Kelley Deal to bring The Breeders and roller derby together in a music video for the band's song, "Fate to Fatal." Romo is handling the day-to-day running of the shop and will be answering all of your uber geeky gear questions with love!

Jennifer Hylton chose Lipstick Lezgo as her derby name when she joined the Arch Rival Roller Girls as a Jeerleader back in 2006. Jenn or " 'Stick", briefly gave skating on the flat track a try, but decided that making magic happen behind the scenes was more her style than getting hit. She is in her 3rd season as ARRG's Bout Production Manager, making bout day a well-oiled machine. She also continues to Jeer and proudly took the ARRG Jeerleaders to Rollercon to compete in 2008. By day she works for a local university, by night look for her to assist with apparel, flare, and fashion, as well as keeping Romo on task as her personal jeerleader.