Romo has been playing roller derby since 2005. She didn't open a derby skate shop to get rich quick and didn't join derby yesterday in order to say "we're derby skaters too!" and get street cred with you. Romo has helped 300+ Newbies learn to skate and play the sport of roller derby, as well as skated with and against some of the top teams and skaters in the world. She will not sell you stuff that isn't safe, or that you don't need.

Have a question? Shoot her a text and ask her what's up!

Considering an upgrade? Completely new skates? Visit our brick & mortar shop for a personal custom fitting and consultation. We can build you a personalized custom setup from scratch, or give advice on which of the many packages out there might be the best option for you.

Check out Gear 101 for Newbies! Written by Romo for ARRG's incoming ladies (but good advice for any new league or new roller derby skater).